Hello, @JCREW: A Social Media Case Study


We’ve written about retail brands embracing social several times before. We admired the Kate Spade #LiveColorfully campaign from afar and never tuned out of their consistently top-notch social strategies (See: Kudos to Kate Spade!)

We’ve followed retail brands as they’ve navigated new territories, including: developing a Pinterest presence, testing out their own flash sales, partnering with bloggers to capture the perfect Instagram shot, etc. One retail brand that hasn’t caught our attention until just recently, is J.Crew.

J.Crew really hasn’t embraced social until this very summer. They even went an entire year without a single tweet (See: How I Got @JCrew to Start Tweeting Again). With some serious catching up to do, we’ve been consistently impressed by J. Crew’s social media launch. The strategy is cross-channel and nicely integrated:

Website - J.Crew.com went from virtually zero social media presence (teeny tiny Facebook + Twitter links on the bottom of the page), to some nice, non-distracting social media calls to action strategically placed throughout the site:

J.Crew Social Media Icons

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Social Media Platforms – Highly curated photography populates Instagram and Pinterest, so as to say, “It’s not about the clothes.” Behind-the-scenes shots of J.Crew designers are a great avenue for the brand to get up close and personal with it’s employees and brand loyalists.

Up Close and Personal on J.Crew Instagram

Facebook – High quality photo and video content + concise copy make the page much more enjoyable to follow than many large retail brands. Behind-the-scenes content (such as prepping for New York Fashion Week) gets the most engagement.

Twitter – With less than 550 tweets, @JCrew sure looks like a newbie. Smartly enough they’ve created a separate Help Line for customer service inquiries. They tweet a few times per week and it’s typically the same content that’s posted on Facebook. Definitely some room for improvement here!

Google+ – Again, it’s the same content posted on Facebook, but the photos really pop on G+’s neutral background, making the page enticing to scroll through. Other retail brands should follow suit and start engaging on Google+!

YouTube – Their YouTube page is titled J.Crew Insider and features “J.Crew on Film,” unique mini documentaries. The page is beautiful, well organized, mimics the look of their website, and features several integrated shopping opportunities right on the YouTube page. Another unique opportunity for retail brands!

Email – And when everything was set up and being actively managed, there was this email:

It essentially said “Hi! We’re Here!” Finally, but worth the wait.

The email invitation to join the conversation was done in a very classy, very J.Crew way. Rather than, “We’re on FACEBOOK! LIKE our page and you could win a $500 Gift Card!!!!” J.Crew took the high road and gave us some good reasons to fan/follow/favorite:
J.Crew Social Media Strategy


Then there was the Style Guide (Catalog) which they invited us to preview on Pinterest:
J.Crew Previews each Style guide on PinterestAnd to further integrate the physical store shopping experience with the tangible printed Style Guide and the online experience, J.Crew has added:

  • - In-Store Social Signage
  • - A hashtag for in-store events: #JCrewStyleSessions
  • - Blogger Partnerships

If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited about J.Crew’s new approach to social media:

What do you think of J.Crew’s new social media strategy?
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